SAFETY WEEK 2018 150 150 White-Spunner Construction

This week at job sites all across the Southeast we hosted Safety Stand-downs to reiterate the importance of Safety at White-Spunner Construction. At these meetings, our Safety Director Ross Moyer spoke to the groups about the dangers of our industry and how statistically construction as a whole is the cause of the most fatalities out of any industry.

In his own words, “It’s up to each of us to watch out for ourselves and the others we work with. Construction has always been one of the most dangerous occupations, but it’s time that changes, nearly 1,000 lives a year is too much. With the things we know today and the equipment and technology that is available, there is no reason these many accidents should be happening.”

Moyer challenged each of the groups he met with to hold themselves personally responsible to work safely by introducing White-Spunner Construction’s, “Commitment to Safety Pledge”. The men and women on our projects and in the office agreed it’s time for a change and took the first step by signing our Committed to Safety Banner. Over 150 workers vowed to always work in a safe manner and to not settle with a goal of ZERO accidents, our goal is ZERO unsafe conditions.

“We’ve been blessed to work with such an outstanding group of individuals and look forward to many more years of it,” Ross stated, “If these Safety Stand-downs spoke to one person who in-turn decides to change their unsafe behaviors and can avoid a workplace injury it makes it all worth it.”

 Special thanks to Ross and all who continue to make our workplace (both in the office and out on the field) a safe one.