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National Drone Safety Awareness Week

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The FAA is sponsoring their 2nd Annual National Drone Safety Awareness Week this week. This is a week to highlight safe drone usage as these unmanned aircrafts become more popular and prevalent everyday. Some tips include: 

  1. Register your drone on the FAA’s Drone Zone portal and display the FAA-issued registration number on an outside surface of your aircraft and carry your proof of registration with you. 
  2. Fly your device at or below 400 ft when in uncontrolled airspace. 
  3. Keep your aircraft within your line of sight. 
  4. Never fly near other aircraft, especially near airports
  5. Never fly near emergencies such as accident responses, law enforcement activities, firefighting, or hurricane recovery efforts. 

Our Safety Director, Adrien Cordero, is an FAA Certified Remote Pilot and uses our drone on most projects we manage. Utilizing drones allows us to improve efficiency, increase safety, cut costs, and streamline workflow. Drones help us develop topographical maps essential to the planning, budgeting, and scheduling process. 

We also use them to help ensure on-site personnel safety. They allow us to quickly make sure workers are correctly balanced and that there are no structures or equipment unstable to injure workers. 

We also pull the HD video and high-resolution images to check work quality and provide our clients with an added quality assurance layer. And they help us create some pretty cool videos to share of our projects!