COVID-19: An Update from our President

COVID-19: An Update from our President 150 150 White-Spunner Construction
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The health and safety of White-Spunner Construction employees, clients, partners, and the general public is our top priority. Safety is a core value at White-Spunner Construction, and we are committed to maintaining a safe work environment in our offices and at our project sites.  

As part of that commitment to safety, we formed a White-Spunner Construction COVID-19 Task Force, consisting of top executives, directors, and managers. This task force has been meeting since the first week of March to ensure we are taking the right precautions for our employees, their families, our business partners, clients, and the community at large. Task force members are responsible for staying abreast of guidance from the CDC as well as other federal, state, and local government and public health officials. They are developing action plans, best practices guides, and policies to keep everyone safe and maintain business continuity.    

We have implemented several policies to support the health and safety of everyone.  

  1. Employees who are sick must stay at home.  
  2. All non-essential business travel has been eliminated.  
  3. A 6’ space for social distancing is being maintained between individuals as much as possible.  
  4. No more than ten people can be in a meeting space. Larger meetings are being held via teleconference platforms.  
  5. Only essential personnel are allowed at jobsites and within our offices.  
  6. Jobsite and production meetings are being held via teleconference platforms regardless of presence on site. Attendees are going to their cars, individual offices, or other quiet spaces for meetings. 
  7. Toolbox meetings have been suspended. Information is being relayed to each on-site subcontractor’s leader for dissemination to their crews.  
  8. We have established no contact deliveries on jobsites and in our offices. All deliveries are being dropped off at the door of the office or job trailer; then a White-Spunner employee will pick them up to disinfect and deliver to the intended recipient.  
  9. Employees and those on jobsites are washing their hands as often as possible.  
  10. Offices, workspaces, and commonly used items and surfaces are being cleaned as often as possible.  

We are blessed to be considered an essential business. Thankfully our team is still working every day; we are winning new work and even hiring more people. We are adapting daily to new directives and projections, and we’re prayerful that God continues to protect us as individuals, a company, and a country.  

In Christ,

President & CEO