Despite several challenges, White-Spunner Construction completed the new Ocean Springs High School in just two years’ time. “It is with tremendous pride that I now state that the new Ocean Springs High School is one of the largest, most functional and aesthetically beautiful public schools in the entire Southeast region of the United States and has become an absolute campus showcase throughout our state,” said Robert Hirsch, former superintendent of the Ocean Springs School District.


“It took a substantial amount of work to get this project completed on time, given the unique obstacles that had to be overcome in getting adequate utilities along with the phasing of this project. White-Spunner Construction played a vital role in making it happen. We appreciate the team approach taken to make this project a success,” said Max Patton, owner of Olde Oak Apartments, Ltd.


“We appreciate the work your company has done over the years. Several notable projects were the renovations to the historic Battle House Hotel, the Battle House Spa and parking facility and the Alabama Cruise Terminal and parking facility. Each of these projects presented its own unique challenge, and we were pleased with the way in which your firm worked as a partner in the process to resolve difficult issues. From working within a budget and preserving the historic character of the Battle House to the highly aggressive schedule required to complete and open the Alabama Cruise Terminal, the White-Spunner team can be counted on to be a problem solver,” said RSA CEO, Dr. David G. Bronner.


The dealership was designed with customer comfort and satisfaction in mind said Shawn Esfahani, President/Owner. “I wanted the store to feel warm and inviting so that customers would want to come in and see the great new products that Hyundai is providing, and to have a very comfortable environment while they were visiting with us,” he said. “David Zuchowski, Sr. V.P. of Hyundai Motor Corp, was instrumental in approving the facility and recognizing our wishes to be ahead of other Hyundai dealers with a design that is consistent with customers needs now and in the future.”

Mr. Esfahani said that his association with White-Spunner Construction and Zito Russell Architects has been a great partnership. “I have built other dealerships in the past and I have to tell you that this one had the fewest problems and their associates were the easiest to work with,” he said.


“It was a pleasure working with White-Spunner Construction on this challenging project. Time for completion of construction was critical as the facility had to be in operation for the Fall 2012 Semester,” states Jim Fitz-Gerald, Faulkner’s Dean of Administrative Services. “The efforts of White-Spunner Construction to meet this deadline are appreciated by Faulkner State and especially by the faculty, staff and students who now have one of the most impressive educational facilities in the State of Alabama in which to work, teach and learn.”


“The facility will conduct in-service training and police training for local, city and county departments, as well as other state agencies”, said the project’s program manager, J. Ronald Blount, president of JRB Associates, Inc. of Montgomery.

“With the cooperation of Seay Seay & Litchfield of Montgomery, the project architects, White-Spunner Construction, and the many subcontractors, we are on our way to producing a first class facility for the Department of Public Safety that is sorely needed,” Blount said.


“I’ve been very pleased with White-Spunner’s commitment to this project. They’re always available when I have a question, and they treat each challenge as an opportunity to make the project better,” said Gulfport Program Manager, Robyn Eastman, of Broaddus & Associates. “In my 33 years of managing construction projects, I have never met a more responsive contractor. I sincerely hope to work with them again.”


Mike Wilson, Harrison County, MS Director of Maintenance said White-Spunner Construction has exceeded his expectations on the project. “White-Spunner has been a joy to work with,” he said. “I’ve worked with contractors before, during and after Katrina and White-Spunner Construction is a step above them all. They are a fantastic company to work with. If there is something you don’t understand, they will stop and explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. They go above and beyond the call of duty.”


“All of us at NBC couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out. The entire construction team from White-Spunner was great to work with on this project. They coordinated with our architects and the city and always let me know of any issues up front. Our expectations for this building were very high and it actually turned out better than we expected. All of the feedback we have received from our clients has been tremendous,” Robert Seaborn, Jr., President, NBC Bank, Fairhope, AL.


White-Spunner Construction’s contribution was used to provide landscaping, bring in dirt to fill potholes, pave sidewalks from the school’s main building to two portables or “learning cottages,” and double the size of a concrete patio. “Their contributions have also allowed us to purchase more technology for Prichard Prep. We now have SmartBoard technology in every classroom and have added a computer lab,” states Howley.

“The sidewalks were so important because that area was dirt and it became quite messy when it rained,” Howley said. “By bringing in fill dirt, White-Spunner Construction also fixed some low areas that collected water. White-Spunner’s improvements are going to help the campus, not only in appearance, but but now students won’t have to trudge through potholes when it rains – and this is Mobile so it rains a lot here. The first day of school, it rained, so it was wonderful having the sidewalks.”


“We have contacts all over the country that gives us a competitive advantage,” Jeffrey Seaman, president and CEO of ROOMS TO GO said. ROOMS TO GO took occupancy of the facility on time and on budget in August 2009. “White-Spunner is top notch,” Seaman said, “we had an existing relationship with them before, and we look forward to working with them again.”


“The groundbreaking marks a great day for Bayou La Batre and the seafood industry,” said Walton Kraver, president of the Gulf Coast Agriculture and Seafood Cooperative and owner of Deep Sea Foods Inc., Jubilee Foods Inc., Malay Bay Inc. and Country Inc.

During peak seafood season, the 25 Southwestern Alabama Cooperative members pay to have 100 cubic yards of crab and shrimp waste hauled each day to a landfill,” Kraver said. “The new facility will allow the cooperative to use “green” practices to convert those seafood byproducts into marketable products such as animal feed, organic fertilizer and pottery,” he said.

“We are taking a product that is damaging to the environment and we are treating the product in a very environmentally friendly way and transforming it into something we can sell, generating income for the industry as a whole, which consists of thousands of workers,” states Kraver. “This facility will serve the seafood industry for generations to come.”


“White-Spunner Construction has a proven commitment to environmentally-friendly construction. They have assisted our designers with innovative solutions throughout the project to ensure The Muses earns its LEED designation. We couldn’t be more pleased,” says Kathy Laborde, President Gulf Coast Housing Partnership, Owner/Developer.


“The Student Recreation Center is an amazing facility. It provides a positive, wholesome environment for members of our university community to participate in fitness and recreational activities of all sorts. The Student Recreation Center offers a healthy social setting for our students. I believe that it will help our students to develop lifelong patterns of fitness, health, and wellness,” states Dr. Philip A. Theodore, Director of Campus Recreation.


City of Biloxi Assistant Police Chief Linda Atterberry said she appreciates White-Spunner’s professionalism and consideration for employees’ work schedules.

“The work they are performing has been very non-intrusive,” she said. “They let us know in advance what they are going to be doing and where they are going to be working. Everything is going very well. I have been extremely pleased with the system and all the representatives with White-Spunner.”