It's Not Just Business; It's Personal

Safety is always our top priority, and we are committed to producing projects in complete compliance with all environmental, state and federal OSHA requirements. In fact, the standards we require of our employees and subcontractors frequently exceed OSHA requirements. At White-Spunner Construction, we are dedicated to moving past a standard for safety. We have created a true culture of safety and compliance for our company and those we work with, and we work hard to continuously maintain, develop and improve our safety program. We also believe that safety should extend far beyond the workplace, which is why we encourage and teach our employees to remain safe and healthy outside of work and at home with their families. 

Through mandatory employee training sessions, frequent inspections and weekly on-site meetings, our company maintains an excellent safety record with a current EMR of .80. Our employees have worked more than 2.4 million man hours without a lost-time incident. 

Our safety program includes:



White-Spunner Construction has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years for our excellent safety performance. A few of our most recent awards include: 

Associated General Contractors

Associated Builders and Contractors

American Society of Safety Engineers

North Carolina Department of Labor