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Mobile , Alabama

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TVS Alabama, Inc./Goodwyn Mills Cawood


Mobile , Alabama

Part of a $60 million project for RSA, the Battle House Hotel Parking Deck built by White-Spunner Construction is a mixed-use development featuring seven levels of parking, retail on the ground floor, and recreation area on the top deck. Not a typical parking garage, this facility beautifully blends old-world style with luxurious amenities for hotel and tower tenants and guests. The garage area accommodates 596 parking spaces and 3,400 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. The top deck features a pool and hot tub in a 60 x 60 foot area; a 17,000 square foot spa building; two driving range cages; and a non-regulation tennis court, all encompassing 46,600 square feet. The facade uses historical components of the old Coley building, formerly located at 56 St. Francis Street, and demolished prior to construction. Cast iron columns and window cornices are just the beginning of special features highlighting the ground and promenade levels of the parking structure. 

Construction of a second parking deck for the RSA Trustmark Building began in 2014. The facility is a 6-story pre-cast structure with concrete barrier walls and is located directly adjacent to the Battle House Hotel.