Poarch Creek Indian Lavan Martin Assisted Living Facility

Atmore, Alabama

Healthcare projects


Sherlock, Smith & Adams


Atmore, Alabama

Rolin Construction joint ventured with White-Spunner Construction to build a Tribal Health Clinic and Assisted Living Facility on 15 acres in Atmore, Alabama. The Lavan Martin Assisted Living Facility includes four assisted living homes, an entrance canopy, courtyards, dining, a coffee shop, business center, quilting room and resident laundry. There are 24 apartments with one bedroom, as well as eight 2-bedroom apartments and two guest rooms. The 69,300-square-foot complex also includes a 100-seat dining room, as well as recreational and entertainment venues. The architectural concept was inspired by Creek Tribal heritage and elements found in nature. The structure is comprised of rough-hewn timbers with vaulted, exposed wood decking and stone. The complex also features a large fireplace and beautiful landscaping which includes gardens, walks, seating and gathering areas, a fountain, and a fire pit.