Gulf Shores Dry Dock and Saunders Yachtworks

Gulf Shores, Alabama

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Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Gulf Shores Dry Dock and Saunders Yachtworks is a major vessell repair complex on the Intercoastal Waterway in the heart of Gulf Shores. The time of construction was 15 months. The dry dock’s capacity is designed for vessels up to 150 tons and 120 feet in length. The project included excavation of the marine basin, installation of bulkheads, concrete and timber piers, redirection of storm water from the Jack Edward Airport, and construction of structural slabs on grade for travel lifts and boat storage. A works building was included which allows for vessel finishing, painting and general overhauling of boats that use this facility. Located on 14 acres with 965 feet of water frontage on the Intercoastal Waterway, the site serves as a full-service vessel repair facility as designed. The facility draws from the entire northern Gulf Coast, the inland rivers of the U.S. up to the Great Lakes and from South Florida. Recreational, military and commercial vessel operators are served by the complex.