The $25 million state-of-the-art training facility for the Department of Public Safety and Department of Corrections is slated for completion in August White-Spunner Construction Inc. is pleased to announce that it is nearing completion of a new state-of-the-art Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center in Selma. The $25 million facility adjacent to Wallace Community College will train and house trooper recruits for the Department of Public Safety and correction officers for the Department of Corrections. In addition, the facility will conduct in-service training and police training for local, city and county departments as well as other state agencies, said the project’s program manager, J. Ronald Blount, president of JRB Associates, Inc. of Montgomery. “With the cooperation of Seay Seay & Litchfield of Montgomery, the project architects, White-Spunner Construction, and the many subcontractors, we are on our way to producing a first class facility for the Department of Public Safety that is sorely needed,” Blount said. Just over a year ago in April of 2009, White-Spunner Construction broke ground on the training facility that features a campus of six buildings covering more than 100,000 square feet, including two dorms, two academic buildings, a dining hall and a fitness center. The award-winning Mobile-based general contracting, design build and construction management company expects to complete the project on schedule and within budget despite heavy rain in the fall and winter that threatened to slow construction. “This excessive rainfall resulted in more planning and scheduling by all parties involved to reduce its impact on the project schedule,” said Ron Yaeger, project manager for White-Spunner Construction. A 2007 education bond issue funded the new training center. The new facility replaces the current training center at Craig Field, which has buildings dating back to 1950, including a condemned gymnasium. The new training center complex will include: • Department of Corrections Dorm Building. The three-story, 75-room dorm will span 33,803 square feet • Department of Public Safety Dorm Building featuring the same specifications as the Department of Corrections Dorm • A one-story Department of Corrections Academic Building • A one-story Department of Public Safety Academic Building • Dining Hall Building, which includes 8,025 square feet spanning a one-story structure • Fitness Center Building, a one-story, 4,916 square feet facility In addition, White-Spunner Construction is fast approaching the completion of another public safety facility, the Robert J. Curry Public Safety Center in downtown Gulfport, Miss. The $22-million project is slated for completion in October, just 18 months after the groundbreaking.