Shelters Ready for Hurricane Season 2013
Central Jackson County Safe Room
Mobile, Alabama (March 18, 2013) Like much of the Gulf Coast, Jackson County, Mississippi, was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This hurricane season, however, residents of Jackson County will have three new shelters designed to weather any storm. The shelters – located in the Hurley, Vancleave and St. Martin communities meet FEMA's stringent 361 guidelines for tornado and hurricane shelters. White-Spunner Construction, Inc. (WSC) completed the $8.43 million FEMA shelters in November, 2012. FEMA has classified these shelters as safe rooms’and each of them is built to withstand 200-mph winds, accommodating 500 to 750 people each depending on the disaster,” said architect Walter T. Bolton of Walter T. Bolton & Associates in Biloxi. The sole purpose of these shelters is for emergency use in the event of a hurricane or tornado.”
West Jackson County Safe Room
Each 10,000-square-foot safe room will serve as primary emergency shelters for Jackson County. Previously, the county only had one 5,000-square-foot shelter in the Fountain Bleau community; now, the county has four: We are honored to have participated on such an essential and potentially life-saving project for Jackson County, said Jeff Carrico, Chief Operating Officer for White-Spunner Construction. These new shelters are located in the county where people will be situated out of harm's way.” This is the second trio of hurricane shelters WSC completed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We hope and pray our Mississippi neighbors never face another Katrina, Carrico said. But with these shelters, residents will have ample new safe havens that will provide protection.” White-Spunner Construction finished three FEMA 361 hurricane safety shelters in Harrison County, Mississippi, in 2011. Located in Saucier, Lyman and Pass Christian, the Harrison County shelters support the Mississippi coastal county most severely impacted by Hurricane Katrina, where 126 people were confirmed dead.
East Jackson County Safe Room
The goal of the FEMA shelter guidelines is to provide "near-absolute" protection from death or serious injury, taking into consideration the durability and sustainability of the entire shelter, including walls, roofs, openings and area arrangement. To meet these requirements, all the Jackson County and Harrison County shelters feature: Additionally, there are emergency-standby utilities for the shelters in the event of power or domestic water loss, including a diesel-powered generator, underground domestic water and sanitary sewer storage tanks, and an underground fire sprinkler water storage tank.