White-Spunner Construction is on schedule to complete a massive addition to the Mississippi State Department of Health by September, 2010. Awarded the project in January 2009, the Mobile-based construction firm is on schedule and under budget for completing this 80,000-square foot, 4-story concrete structure primarily built to Biosafety Level (BSL) 3 construction standards. This new construction will replace the previous lab that was aging and fundamentally obsolete. It will be used for a variety of specialty laboratory testing, including HIV, West Nile, Anthrax, and food and drink products. The cost of the project is $25 million. “The Public Health Laboratory will be an exceptional facility with leading-edge technology for the Mississippi State Department of Health. As the state’s primary health testing facility, it will serve all its citizens,” explains Charles R. Alexander AIA, Partner-in-Charge, Dale and Associates Architects. The mechanical infrastructure for the addition required an extensive amount of piping for lab gas, toxic waste, corrosive fumes, and more. White-Spunner Construction worked closely with the mechanical contractor and other trades to coordinate and facilitate completion of these complex systems. “The Project team has worked hard in collaboration and coordination of the work to keep this complicated facility on schedule to meet the State’s completion date,” says Debbie Blessé, Project Manager for White-Spunner Construction. In addition, we have successfully surmounted other challenges as well, including a tight and congested project site, weather, and complex mechanical infrastructure installation,” she continues. Other White-Spunner Construction major building projects currently underway in the region include: • Gulfport Municipal Complex – Gulfport, MS • LEED-certified, Muses Urban Apartments – New Orleans, LA • A Multi-Use Complex at Jackson Barracks – New Orleans, LA