January 16th,2009
White-Spunner Construction Completes Columbia Southern University Project

White-Spunner Construction joined Columbia Southern University employees, public officials, and local business leaders in the grand opening of the school’s new home. The 67,000 square foot, three-story facility features a training room, conference rooms, break rooms, fitness center, balconies, shipping and mailing area with a loading dock, and more. Construction began in December 2007 on 20-acres in Orange Beach, Alabama, and additional acreage provides room for future expansion opportunities.

August 29th,2008
White-Spunner to Build Rooms to Go Distribution Center in Pearl River, LA

White-Spunner Construction started clearing the land for a massive distribution center for ROOMS TO GO, one of the largest furniture retailers in the U.S., in August 2008. This one-year project is roughly the size of 14 football fields and will be made up of 204 tilt wall concrete panels. The heaviest panels are approximately 71 tons. The site required over one half million cubic yards of earth to be moved, roughly the equivalent of over 50,000 fully loaded dump trucks.

May 19th,2008
White-Spunner Construction to Build Student Housing at Auburn University

[Mobile, AL] – White-Spunner Construction, Inc. announces it has signed two contracts totaling $99 million with Auburn University to build eight buildings that are part of “The Village,” a new student housing complex. The Village, located at Auburn University on the west edge of campus between Wire Road on the west and Donahue Drive to the east, is scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2009 and will provide approximately 1650 student beds. “This project represents the fifth major university building project in Alabama we have been awarded in the last 18 months,” says CEO John White-Spunner. “We are committed to building safe, quality facilities and housing for Alabama’s future student population. With hands-on, value engineering services, our processes help university systems reduce costs and improve quality.” The project consists of eight four-story brick residence halls and meeting facilities that will be constructed around a collection of quadrangles and green space, all connected by a series of tree-shaded sidewalks. The suite-style residences include a common living room, kitchenette, four bedrooms, and two baths. A large bay of windows in the main living area offers students an abundance of natural light and views to exterior green space. Individual bedrooms afford each student a private sleeping area, closet and study area. The residence halls will also include group meeting and study rooms on each floor and will offer students state of the art communication and data services. “The master plan and building design are grounded in the character and image of Auburn University with inspiration drawing from early architectural styles and buildings including Samford Hall, the Quad Dorms, and various academic buildings,” says Architect Stephen Allen, Williams Blackstock Architects.

May 19th,2008
White-Spunner Construction, Inc. moves up 68 spots in ENR's Top 400 U.S. Contractors

[Mobile, AL] – White-Spunner Construction, Inc. is ranked 253 out of the Top 400 Contractors in the U.S. according to Engineering News-Record in its May 19, 2008 issue. The company moved up 68 spots from its ranking of 321 last year. The company was ranked 313 in 2006 and 343 in 2005. Companies are ranked by construction revenue from the previous year. White-Spunner Construction, Inc. reported $280 million total revenue in 2007. White-Spunner Construction, Inc. is a general contracting, design build and construction management company based in Mobile, Alabama with branch offices in Dallas, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina. Incorporated in 1981, White-Spunner Construction is committed to safety, quality and integrity. One of the leading construction companies in the Southeast, White-Spunner Construction is licensed in 37 states and works closely with clients on institutional, multi-family, industrial, commercial and retail projects. White-Spunner Construction maintains long-term owner relationships by completing every project on schedule and within budget. For more information, visit www.white-spunner.com or call 800-471-5189. # # #

April 4th,2008
University Allied Health and Nursing Project Tops Out On Schedule

[Mobile, AL] – White-Spunner Construction, Inc. announces topping out at the 185,000 square foot Allied Health and Nursing facility. A major milestone in the construction process, the topping out ceremony marks the end of ten months of construction on the structure of the building and clears the way for work on the exterior envelope and interior of the building. Slated to open in the summer of 2009, the $41 million facility brings health sciences back to the main campus and will provide spacious, modern classrooms, research labs, simulations labs, x-ray rooms, auditory booths, faculty offices, and a working clinic. “This project brings our expertise in healthcare and institutional construction together in one project in our own home town,” says President Mike Fitzgerald. “The topping out ceremony gives us an opportunity to thank our staff and sub-contractors for their impeccable safety record and hard work so far.” “The new USA Health Sciences Building will offer a wonderful space for our nursing and allied health students to learn and hone their skills,” said USA VP for Health Sciences Dr. Ronald Franks. “We are excited to have our nursing and allied health students back on our main campus and look forward to the synergy of having these students close to both our medical school and biomedical library.”

February 6th,2008
Emergency Shelter Ready for Hurricane Season

[Mobile, AL] – White-Spunner Construction, Inc. announces the completion of the disaster shelter that can accommodate 5,000 people during a short-term emergency while being pounded by 200 mile-per-hour sustained winds. “It’s not your grandpa’s fallout shelter,” says Tommy Rowe, executive vice-president, division manager, owner, for White-Spunner Construction, Inc. “Imagine an expansive expo hall with an airy open feel, but one that will withstand a 15 pound, 12-foot long 2x4” flying at 100 miles per hour from any direction.” The new arena and coliseum housing the Baldwin County Cattle and Fair Association (BCCFA) in Robertsdale, Ala. was completed in January 2008. Centrally located in Baldwin County, Ala., the coliseum will serve as a shelter that can accommodate 5,000 people short-term during a hurricane or tornado and up to 1,900 people long-term. Its unique, bunker-style structure and the adjacent open-air arena are built with stringent guidelines that are unheard of in building projects today, says Tommy Rowe. The arena seats 3,500 people, and because it is close to the coliseum which is intended as a shelter, the arena also had to meet more stringent standards to keep it from becoming a hazard in a storm. That facility, without walls, can maintain its roof in up to 140 mile per hour winds and footings were 4 ft 6" wide x 4 ft deep and 360 ft. long. “The project is a unique construction challenge,” says Rowe, “In order to meet stringent FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) building codes that require the entire building be capable of withstanding 200-mph winds, many of our supplies and materials had to be custom built.” Features Built to Withstand Mother Nature • The coliseum can withstand 200 mile per hour sustained winds. Any inch of the structure can be hit with a 15 pound, 12-foot long 2x4” flying at 100 miles per hour without damage. The roof can withstand a falling object of 67 miles per hour. • In order to resist uplift forces of 200 mph winds, interior concrete footings 14x14 ft. and 20" deep. • The walls have impressive strength. Built of 12" CMU (concrete masonry unit) with two #7 rebar reinforcing every cell. In layman’s terms, this means the solid concrete 12-inch wide walls had 7/8" steel bars every 8 inches throughout the structure. • Typical roof construction calls for a lightweight concrete topping or insulation and membrane over metal decking, but this one has 6" thick solid concrete roof, to account for wind uplift and the debris impact. • Safety was even built into the building exits. Protective alcoves with concrete right-angled walkways protect the exit doors from wind driven debris while allowing the door to be functional for emergency exits. The glass entry doors are protected by wind and debris impact-resistant roll up doors. • A 1000KW generator is required to power the facility in the event that power is lost. The generator powers 100 percent of the Coliseum. • A 2000 gallon fuel tank will provide approximately 50 hours of run time for the generator on one tank. Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency will refuel the tank when needed in emergency situations. The project is mostly funded with a $7.5 million grant from FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant program. The Baldwin County Commission and BCCFA provided the remaining portion of the project’s $9 million cost through a loan from the United States Department of Agriculture. The new coliseum will be open to the public for weddings, proms, balls, college fairs, and other community activities. The BCCFA plans to operate and maintain the facility year round, until there is an emergency. At that point the keys are turned over to the Baldwin County Emergency Management Association that will take over the facility and operate it until the emergency is over. # # #

January 15th,2008
White-Spunner Construction Awarded Innovator of the Year

The Gulf Coast Technology Council, a division of the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, honored White-Spunner Construction, Inc. with the INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR award. President Mike Fitzgerald accepted the award on behalf of the company. As printed in the Mobile Area Chamber Of Commerce Business View Magazine: While green building practices have become very popular in the northern and western United States, they are just now catching on in the South. White-Spunner Construction, the Mobile Area Chamber and the Gulf Coast Technology Council’s 2007 Innovator of the Year, is leading this trend locally by building its new 40,000- square-foot office. It is the first commercial building in Mobile under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines, a national standard for high performance, sustainable buildings. This means every aspect of the building’s construction, operation and maintenance focuses on reducing its impact on human health and the environment during its complete life cycle. For instance, White-Spunner is reducing the impact on landfills by recycling 50 percent of its construction debris. All of the building materials have some type of recycled content, and all lumber is harvested from certified forests in an environmentally friendly way. Building materials come from within a 250-mile radius of Mobile to reduce the impact on traffic and shipping. Energy and water efficiency rate high on the LEED scale as well. By using highly efficient systems, White-Spunner will decrease its energy usage by 21 percent and water usage by 30 percent. These figures alone more than make up for the average 5 percent increase in construction costs of a green building versus a traditional building. “Building green is a different approach and, while our office is being built at a premium, we certainly hope it will catch on in this community,” said White-Spunner President Mike Fitzgerald. “The green approach improves our quality of life by offering tremendous energy savings, improving air quality and conserving water.” According to the 2007 Smart Market Report Greening of Corporate America, “Green building will reach a tipping point in 2009, with 82 percent of companies greening at least 16 percent of their portfolios.” Bayne Bridges, 2007 president of the Gulf Coast Technology Council, said, “With everyone becoming more aware and concerned with global warming, it is great to see White-Spunner Construction taking a leadership role with the construction of their new energy-efficient green building practices.”

October 24th,2007
White-Spunner Breaks Ground at New Headquarters

Over 150 people attended the official ground-breaking of the location of the new corporate headquarters at 2010 I-65 Service Road South in Mobile, Ala.

September 24th,2007
Engineering News-Record Ranks White-Spunner Construction in Top Green Builders

[Mobile, AL] – White-Spunner Construction, Inc. is ranked 30 out of the Top 50 Green Contractors in the U.S. according to Engineering News-Record in its September 24, 2007 issue. Companies are ranked by construction revenue from the previous year from projects built under objective environmental or sustainable development standards. Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency of buildings and their use of energy, water, and materials, and reducing building impacts on human health and the environment, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal — the complete building life cycle. White-Spunner Construction, Inc. is building its new 40,000 square foot, two-story office building under LEED silver guidelines, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for high-performance, sustainable buildings. The LEED project features include an open floor plan with tinted windows, numerous skylights, large windows, motion-sensitive lighting, water-efficient systems and the use of recycled materials and environmentally-friendly approaches during construction. # # #