March 6th,2012
White-Spunner Construction Earns AGC 2011 Safety Award

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Honors White-Spunner Construction Mobile, Alabama (March 6, 2012) - The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) recently bestowed its coveted 2011 Construction Safety and Excellence Award (CSEA) in the Building category to White-Spunner Construction, Inc., based in Mobile, AL. The AGC's annual award is granted to the safest General Contractor having worked more than 175,000 hours. The purpose of the CSEA is to recognize those construction companies who excel at safety performance. CSEA is comprehensive in its criteria, examining each candidate's commitment to safety and occupational health management, as well as risk control. Judges seek evidence of company management commitment, active employee participation, safety training, work site hazard identification and control, and safety program innovation. “The CSEA from AGC is one of the highest awarded in the industry. We're honored to receive this recognition, which is a direct reflection of our employees' daily commitment to excellence. This award is for them,” says Mike Fitzgerald, President of White-Spunner Construction. “Safety has always been a top priority at WSC, especially so in today's challenging economy. We have worked over 2 million man hours without a lost time accident - a testament to our employees' ongoing dedication,” continues Fitzgerald. White-Spunner Construction, Inc. was selected after review of many candidates based on EMR, Incident Rate, Safety Program, and hours worked to name a few criteria.

January 26th,2012
Illuminating the Solution to Energy Inefficiency in Lighting White-Spunner Construction hosts Philips“LED Mobile Showroom”

Mobile, Alabama (January 26, 2012) - Escalating energy consumption remains a top concern in this country, with inefficient lighting being a primary contributor to the problem. The solution, however, rolls into Mobile, AL on Tuesday, January 31, in the form of the Philips Day-Brite “LED Mobile Showroom”. From 10am-2pm on Tuesday, White-Spunner Construction will host the traveling “LED Mobile Showroom” which is outfitted with LED luminaires offered by Philips Lighting brands. The public is invited to see the newest LED commercial and residential products and ask questions of factory personnel at this FREE event. Food and refreshments will be catered by Dew Drop Inn. White-Spunner Construction Inc. is located at 2010 West I-65 Service Road South in Mobile. Commercial, residential, and industrial LED products are displayed in the LED Mobile Showroom. Sales personnel offer demonstrations and discussions on LED products while illustrating typical applications. Products shown are intended for office, retail, residential, outdoor, and other architectural applications. “Energy-efficient lighting tops the priority list of most of our clients' construction and renovation projects,” notes White-Spunner Construction CEO, John White-Spunner. “LED lighting is our preferred source because advances in LED technology have contributed to drastic reductions in energy consumption, while still delivering excellent performance. So we're pleased to announce and host the LED Mobile Showroom to educate industry professionals and local government officials on the latest advances in LED technology.” According to the United States Department of Energy, more than one-third of all energy is used for the generation of electricity, and more than one-fifth of all electricity is used for lighting. The need for energy-efficient LED lighting has never been greater. LEDs have several advantages over their light source counterparts. For starters, they are not affected by frequent on-off cycling which causes fluorescent lamps to fail more quickly. Secondly, they are instant-on unlike HID lamps which take several minutes to warm up or restart. LEDs are not easily damaged like glass bulb lamps, and they do not fail by burning out but simply dim slowly over a long period of time. The total cost of ownership (installed cost, energy cost, and maintenance cost) can be lower for LEDs because of their energy savings and long life. “The 'Mobile Showroom's' trailer interior is designed to allow for contractors, electricians, distributors, architects, electrical engineers, specifiers, and other lighting professionals to view our LED luminaires and learn about advances in LED technology,” explains Alan Bunt, President of Southeast Gulf Coast Sales, a retailer for Philips LED Lighting. For more information on this event or to rsvp, call Tiffany Snyder at 850-433-3179 or email About White-Spunner Construction, Inc. White-Spunner Construction, Inc. is a general contracting, design build and construction management company based in Mobile, Alabama, with branch offices in Austin, TX and Gulfport, MS. Incorporated in 1981, White-Spunner Construction is committed to safety, quality and integrity. One of the leading construction companies in the Southeast, White-Spunner Construction is licensed in 37 states and works closely with clients on build to suit, design build, municipal/institutional, multi-family, industrial, commercial and healthcare projects. White-Spunner Construction maintains long-term owner relationships by striving to complete every project on schedule and within budget. Work opportunities are earnestly pursued by responding to any project – large or small – with competitive bids and negotiated construction services. For more information, contact Pam Denham at 251.656.3843. About Southeast Gulf Coast Sales Southeast Gulf Coast Sales celebrates over 50 years as a lighting manufacturer's representative. The agency, founded in 1962, serves the Florida Panhandle west of the Apalachicola River, South Alabama and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Southeast Gulf Coast Sales provides lighting products for commercial, industrial and institutional type projects within this region. The company’s goal is to be the best lighting solutions provider along the Gulf Coast, remaining committed to educating the lighting industry with the newest advanced lighting technologies. For more information, contact Alan Bunt at 850-433-3179 or visit TIP SHEET For Immediate Release Contact: Pam Denham 251.656.3843 Shining the Light on LED According to the United States Department of Energy, more than one-third of all energy is used for the generation of electricity, and more than one-fifth of all electricity is used for lighting. The widespread use of solid-state lighting such as LED could potentially: • Decrease the amount of electricity used for lighting by 50% • Decrease the global consumption of electricity by 10% • Allow over 250 gigawatts of electric generating capacity to be used for other purposes • Significantly reduce global carbon emissions in the future • Significantly reduce the amount of mercury and other hazardous materials in landfills The Sustainable Advantages of LED Lighting: • LED lighting is five times more energy efficient than incandescent and halogen sources, and is comparable in efficacy to conventional fluorescent lightings (CFLs). • LED lighting fixtures are directional, throwing light only where it is needed. LEDs have a much smaller light source than CFLs, allowing more efficient optics and better control of light. • The quality of white-light LEDs is now comparable to CFLs, HIDs, and linear fluorescents. • LED sources offer a significantly longer useful life than conventional light sources. This means less replacement and maintenance. • Unlike conventional sources, LED sources continue to be useful even after their light output has decreased significantly. Outright failure of LED sources is rare. • The amount of light output from LED sources has been improving by 35% each year since LED was invented. At the same time, the cost of LEDs has been dropping by 20% each year for several decades. This means the overall performance of LEDs is doubling about every 18 to 24 months. • Because LEDs do not emit infrared radiation, they can be installed in heat-sensitive areas, near people and materials, and in tight spaces where conventional sources could be dangerous. • Unlike fluorescent sources, LEDs do no emit harmful UV rays that can degrade materials or fade paints and dyes, making them ideal for use in retail displays, museums, and art galleries. • LED fixtures do generate heat, but the beam of light from an LED fixture is cool. LED fixtures with well-designed thermal management features shield users from excessive or harmful heat. • LED light sources can operate at colder temperatures and withstand impact and vibrations, making them suitable for extreme environments or areas where it may be difficult to install and maintain conventional light sources. LEDs also have no moving parts or filaments that can easily breakdown or fail. • LED lighting systems can be digitally controlled for maximum efficiency and flexibility. • LED lighting fixtures are instant on, avoiding any warm-up or reset time, and they are unaffected by power cycling and dimming. • Unlike fluorescent sources that contain mercury and require special handling and disposal, LEDs are mercury-free and safe for the environment. • Many LED lighting fixtures are now meeting or exceeding standards for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

November 9th,2011

The $32 million supercenter sitting atop additional retailer and surrounded by 1,588-space parking garage is first of its kind in the continental U.S. Mobile, AL (November 4, 2011) - White-Spunner Construction, Inc. recently completed an exciting new Skillman national retailer project in Dallas like no other in the continental U.S. The $32 million supercenter, which opened recently in Timbercreek Crossing at Skillman Street and East Northwest Highway in Dallas, sits on top of a second national retail store that opened in September. The double-decked design is one of just a handful of similar projects for Stillman Retailer in the continental U.S. A three-story parking garage featuring 1,588 spaces extends around the front and one side of the two-story retail structure. Elevators and escalators, including one specifically for shopping baskets, lead to the garage, and customers can also use entry-level parking available at the store entrance on the top level of the garage. Customers can ride down the escalator beside the cart carrying their purchases. The escalators can transport shoppers and their purchases to various levels of the parking garage. The retail center also includes a gas station. “White-Spunner Construction has enjoyed working with Stillman Retailer to develop and build this trend-setting project,” said Oaky Dover, Project Manager with White-Spunner Construction. “We think customers will enjoy the unique multi-level design and appreciate the convenience of being able to visit both stores all in the same shopping trip. White-Spunner is also proud to have participated in this project that incorporated many sustainable construction methods. We strive to be on the forefront of sustainable construction and this was a great opportunity to help implement new technologies in a way that will impact many people. One green project highlight is the LED parking garage lights which dramatically reduce power consumption and add to the sustainability of the building.” White-Spunner Construction - a Mobile-based general contracting, design-build and construction management firm - broke ground on the project in December 2009 and completed the structure ahead of its September 2011 projected completion date. “White-Spunner Construction works diligently on each project to reach completion on time and within budget,” said Burt Appelman, Superintendent for White-Spunner Construction. “It is always nice when we are able to complete the work on schedule.” The supercenter is one of six stores that Stillman Retailer is opening in the next couple of years in Dallas. Special features of the project include a refrigeration system which was a new carbon dioxide and glycol system – a more sustainable system,” according to Appelman. “Energy efficiency is very important and this state-of-the-art carbon dioxide refrigeration system will reduce electric consumption and lower power costs,” he added. The architect on the project is Raymond Harris Associates of Dallas, Texas.

October 26th,2011
White-Spunner Construction develops $7.4 million housing project

White-Spunner Construction develops $7.4 million housing project in New Orleans’ historic Central City Mobile, AL (October 24, 2011) – White-Spunner Construction, Inc. broke ground this summer and continues development of a supportive housing project that promises to provide permanent housing for New Orleans’ very low-income and homeless residents. The Mobile, Ala. based design build and construction firm began construction in July on the McCaleb Supportive Housing project, a multifamily rental housing development planned for New Orleans’ historic Central City neighborhood. The construction portion of the $7.2 million project is $4,920,114. The housing facility, located at 1220 South Robertson Street near downtown New Orleans, will feature 43 one-bedroom, one-bath apartments for the homeless and low-income residents. The project also will provide supportive services, such as case management, referrals for health care and mental health services, as well as offer life skills training. The three-story, 48,535-square-foot supportive housing development – a wood frame structure atop elevated post tension slab - is slated for completion in May 2012. The affordable housing project, co-owned by Gulf Coast Housing Partnership (GCHP) of New Orleans, is named for the Dr. Murphy W. McCaleb Educational Fund, Inc. The McCaleb Fund aims to provide affordable housing to those in need. GCHP is developing the project along with the McCaleb Fund. White-Spunner Construction is the builder. The McCaleb Fund will provide the supportive services to residents. CCWIV Architecture LLC is the architect. Residents of the development will enjoy green living without spending so much of their green on power costs. The project will be built to the sustainability and energy efficiency standards set forth by Enterprise Green Communities, including Energy Star lighting, appliances, windows, and HVAC units, which will result in lower utility bills for residents. In addition, the project will use sealants and paints with lower levels of toxicity, and flooring comprised of sustainable materials. The building design will also incorporate storm-resistant features. Victoria Welch, project manager for GCHP, said the idea for McCaleb Supportive Housing was born out of a need for more affordable housing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. “The neighborhood is in the early stages of a revitalization effort,” Welch said. “This project will help reinforce the revival of this area while allowing long-standing members of this community to return to, or remain in, their neighborhood.” The McCaleb project is White-Spunner Construction’s third partnership with the GCHP of New Orleans. Each of the three partnership projects are aimed at breathing new life into historic Central City, located in the Big Easy’s long-neglected old textile district. The first two partnership projects: 1 WSC in April broke ground on an innovative mixed-use development in Historic Central City that will offer commercial and retail space with much needed housing for seniors. The MLK project, an exciting energy-efficient $13 million urban development, is set for completion in July, 2012. Gulf Coast Housing Partnership of New Orleans owns the 92,000-square-foot development. 2 WSC worked with Gulf Coast Housing Partnership on The Muses, an urban residential development nearby in Historic Central City. Boasting 263 apartment units in two four-story buildings and offering green living through its LEED-Silver designation, the development was well received when it was completed in January, 2011. “GCHP and White-Spunner Construction have had a successful working relationship,” Welch said. “Affordable housing projects can be complicated due to the layers of different funding sources and the building and compliance requirements. The completion of the very successful Muses project has given us great confidence in White-Spunner. They have provided quality service and workmanship.” The McCaleb project has received more than $7 million in funding, including a $5.3 million loan from the State of Louisiana Office of Community Development, Welch said. Funding for the project also has been provided by the City of New Orleans, Louisiana Housing Finance Agency and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas through an Affordable Housing Program grant administered by Whitney Bank. Whitney Bank is also providing the construction loan. White-Spunner Construction is meeting various project challenges during construction, including minimal room for construction materials lay down, as the property is nestled snuggly between a church and a residence. “We are thrilled to be working again with Gulf Coast Housing Partnership on another forward-thinking development that will serve lower-income New Orleans residents. This is yet another step toward revitalizing historic Central City and this project will provide much needed housing to those who would not otherwise find it,” said Tommy Rowe, WSC.

October 10th,2011
Groundbreaking Ceremony set for Alabama’s first State Veterans Cemetery

MONTGOMERY - The Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs will commemorate the beginning of the construction phase of the Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Spanish Fort with a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, October 7, 2011. The ceremony will begin at 1:30 p.m. at the future site of the cemetery located at Saluda Hill along Ala. Hwy 225 and across from the Blakeley State Park. “This cemetery will provide the final act of honor, dignity and respect that our veterans have earned through their service and sacrifice while defending our nation and guaranteeing its freedom for future generations,” said Clyde Marsh, commissioner of the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs.” The cemetery’s site plans and architectural design were completed in June by Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects of Fairhope. After receiving a $7 million final grant approval and funding authorization from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in August, the state VA awarded the construction contract to White-Spunner Construction, Inc. of Mobile. The first phase of the cemetery’s construction will include roads, traditional in-ground burial sites, in-ground cremation sites, columbarium niches, administration and maintenance facilities, and a committal service shelter. Construction is slated to begin in the fall. The ceremony will include military honors, groundbreaking remarks culminating with the traditional turning of soil to formally begin the cemetery’s construction project. A reception will immediately follow the formal program for visitors and guests in attendance. Media coverage of the groundbreaking is encouraged and ceremony is open to the public. Media point of contact is Sandy Speakman, (334) 242-5077. ####

August 11th,2011
G&M Associates/White-Spunner Construction Joint Venture breaks ground on Innovative $13 million Mixed-Use Development in New Orleans’s Historic Central City

Exciting energy efficient project offering both commercial space & affordable senior housing Mobile, Alabama (August 11, 2011) – G&M Associates/White-Spunner Construction Joint Venture recently broke ground on an innovative mixed-use development in Historic Central City, New Orleans designed to offer commercial and retail space with much needed housing for seniors. In April, G&M Associates and White-Spunner Construction Joint Venture began construction of the MLK project, an exciting energy-efficient $13 million urban development within walking distance to downtown New Orleans. Once completed in July 2012, the 92,000-square-foot development which is owned by Gulf Coast Housing Partnership of New Orleans will breathe new life into the Big Easy’s long neglected old textile district. “We are excited about this unique project because of what it will offer local businesses and seniors as well as what it means to the ongoing revitalization effort of Historic Central City,” said Ben Harris, project manager for G&M Associates/White-Spunner Construction JV. “The five-story development features 20,000 square feet of commercial office and retail space and 72,000 square feet of senior housing, including 70 apartments,” said Harris. “The commercial end will be occupied with three stories of offices and the first floor will be retail,” said Paul Cressy, senior project manager with Gulf Coast Housing Partnership. “Already, we have all our tenants for the office space.” The residential portion of the development, dubbed The Harrell Building, offers one and two bedroom apartments designed for tenants age 55 and older. Developers expect the units will fill up fast. “In New Orleans, there are a lot of older people living in dilapidated rentals and shotgun houses,” Cressy said. “The rent at these new apartments will be comparable to what these folks are paying elsewhere but the housing will be much nicer, safer and extremely energy efficient. We know the demand for this housing is there because we already have people on the waiting list to get an apartment and we have seen how well received The Muses has been.” White-Spunner Construction first worked with Gulf Coast Housing Partnership on The Muses, an urban residential development nearby in Historic Central City. Boasting 263 apartment units in two four-story buildings and offering green living through its LEED-Silver designation, the development was well received when it was completed in January. “This is our second partnership with White-Spunner Construction, joined by G&M Associates, and working with them is almost effortless,” Cressy said. “They are very organized. The project supervisors and project managers we have worked with really know what they are doing.” Challenges of the MLK mixed-use development include zero lot line and no lay-down for staging materials, according to Marcos Makohon, Project Manager for the Joint Venture. G&M Associates/White-Spunner Construction JV has met these challenges by carefully coordinating building material deliveries, allowing the JV to meet schedule constraints. CCWIV Architecture, LLC is the architect on the project that features traditional and contemporary design as well as green energy efficient practices. “The entire development is built to green communities’ standards,” said Cressy. “It is extremely energy efficient throughout.” White-Spunner Construction and Gulf Coast Housing Partnership will soon break ground on a third development in Historic Central City, which will feature 43 units of “transitional housing” for the homeless. About G&M Associates/White-Spunner Construction Joint Venture G&M/White-Spunner Construction Joint Venture have a certified SBA Mentor/Protégé Agreement and are a certified SBA 8(a) team with the required design and build experience supported by a large bonding capacity. G&M Associates is a federally certified 8(a) and HUBZone Small Business. Their expert team represents more than 40 years of combined experience in construction and project management. Services are provided for nearly all sectors of the construction industry including general contracting, design build and construction management. G&M Associates/White-Spunner Construction Joint Venture is committed to safety, quality and integrity. One of the leading construction companies in the Southeast, the company is licensed in 37 states and works closely with clients on build to suit, design build, municipal/institutional, government/military, multi-family, industrial, commercial and healthcare projects. Long-term owner relationships are maintained by striving to complete every project on schedule and within budget. Work opportunities are earnestly pursued by responding to any project – large or small – with competitive bids and negotiated construction services. For more information, contact Pam Denham at 251.656.3843.

July 26th,2011
White-Spunner Construction Completes Trio of FEMA 361 Storm Shelters

Mobile, Alabama (July 26, 2011) - White-Spunner Construction, Inc. recently completed three new Harrison County shelters designed to weather any storm. Five years after Hurricane Katrina devastated Harrison County, Mississippi, the Mobile-based construction company broke ground in May 2010 on the Federal Emergency Management Agency shelters built to meet the agency’s stringent 361 guidelines for tornado and hurricane shelters. A ribbon cutting for all three shelters will be held Friday at the Saucier/Lizana Road location at 23771 Saucier-Lizana Road in Saucier, Miss. The public and media are encouraged to attend the event, which is set for 10 a.m. and hosted by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors. “White-Spunner Construction is honored to have been chosen to build this trio of shelters for Harrison County,” said Seth Smith, project manager for White-Spunner Construction. “The $11.7 million project was constructed on time and within budget constraints,” Smith said. “Completing these structures in time for hurricane season 2011 was a high priority,” Smith added. “Now Harrison County residents will have three safe havens to protect them when dangerous storms threaten their safety.” “Each of the three 14,724 square-foot facilities will accommodate 1,000 people for the short-term and 676 evacuees for the long-term,” said Mike Wilson, director of maintenance for Harrison County. The shelters – located in Saucier, Lyman and Pass Christian – also feature storm-proof windows and doors and self-contained water and sewer systems. The goal of the FEMA guidelines is to provide "near-absolute" protection from death or serious injury, taking into consideration the durability and sustainability of the entire shelter, including walls, roofs, openings and area arrangement. Harrison County suffered catastrophic effects from both Hurricane Camille in August 1969 and Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. The county - which includes the large coastal cities of Biloxi and Gulfport and the smaller coastal towns of Long Beach and Pass Christian - was hit particularly hard by Hurricane Katrina’s Category 5 winds and 30-foot storm surge. “It is our hope and prayer that the residents of Mississippi will never need to seek refuge in these shelters,” Smith said. “But in the unfortunate and likely event that powerful hurricanes hit Harrison County in the future, these three FEMA shelters stand ready to provide residents with lifesaving protection.” Wilson said White-Spunner Construction has exceeded his expectations. “White-Spunner has been a joy to work with,” he said. “I’ve worked with contractors before, during and after Katrina and White-Spunner Construction is a step above them all. They are a fantastic company with which to work.” The Saucier shelter is located on Saucier Lizana Road; the Lyman shelter on County Farm Road; and the Pass Christian shelter on Labouy Road. Additionally, White-Spunner Construction, Inc. is currently building three FEMA 361 hurricane safety shelters in Jackson County. The construction company broke ground on the $8,443,919 project in March and the shelters are slated for completion in January 2012.

July 20th,2011

Parking Garage Built with Green Initiatives Honored Mobile, AL (July 19, 2011) - A unique parking garage constructed by Mobile-based White-Spunner Construction, Inc. (WSC) was recently recognized by the Mississippi Chapter of the American Institute of Architects with an Honor Award; one of only two such awards given by the association annually. Allison Anderson, architect on the project and a principal with the firm Unabridged Architecture of Bay St. Louis, MS, was recently presented with the award at the Chapter’s annual meeting in San Destin, FL. The recognition was given in part because of the project’s sustainable features. “White-Spunner Construction really made this project successful,” said Anderson. “Since they were a firm that was familiar with green processes, they took a leadership role. White-Spunner worked through issues that were not standard practice and helped establish a basis for sustainable construction practices which I hope we will build on in south Mississippi.” White-Spunner Construction completed the project in September, 2010. The nearly 3.2 million dollar parking garage is a Net Zero energy project which means the structure generates as much power as it uses. The 31,680 sq. foot garage special features include solar panels, power backup, and pile foundation. The project also includes an exposed cast in-place “planked finish” plastic underground rainwater collection tank for irrigation purposes. Other notable features include green screen panels to create a “Living Wall” where plants will grow along wire panels to create a green landscape. The two-story parking deck also allows for the future creation of a civic center on the building’s third floor. “We are honored to be a part of this project that was recognized by the Mississippi AIA. White-Spunner Construction believes in green practices and we appreciate the opportunity Unabridged Architecture gave us to put those principles to work. The Bay St. Louis parking garage is a model for future sustainable construction,” said Seth Smith, project manager for WSC. WSC also used sustainable practices to prepare the site, which was a former county jail. Concrete was ground up and used for aggregate and the jail’s concrete slab became an offshore fishing reef.

July 14th,2011

MS Officials Announce Three New Hurricane Shelters Mobile, AL (July 13, 2011) – Mobile-based White-Spunner Construction, Inc. and officials from Jackson County, Mississippi, including representatives from FEMA, MEMA, Broaddus & Associates and Bolton & Associates, announced the construction of a trio of new hurricane shelters in one of the largest public safety projects the county has undertaken with a formal ground-breaking ceremony in Vancleave, MS yesterday. The shelter project has been underway since May of this year. “We are excited to be working on another hurricane shelter project with the state of Mississippi. After seeing the damage that Hurricane Katrina did to Jackson County we are glad to be able to utilize our expertise to continue to provide MS residents with future lifesaving protection,” said Seth Dunne, WSC Project Manager. The new shelters will be designed in accordance with FEMA’s strict 361 Design and Construction Guidelines for Community Shelters and will be located in Vancleave, Hurley and St. Martin. Shelter features include the following: • capability of withstanding up to 200 mph winds, • built with eight inch thick concrete walls, • capacity of housing up to 800 people, • ability to store up to 20,000 gallons of portable water, and • self-supporting utilities. Each shelter building project will cost $3 million dollars with a vast majority of the funding coming from FEMA. Construction of the shelters will be completed by hurricane season 2012. White-Spunner Construction also recently completed three FEMA 361 storm shelters in Harrison County, Mississippi, another area destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

May 23rd,2011
Engineering News Record (ENR) Magazine latest ranking includes WSC in 2011 Top 400 U.S. Contractors

White-Spunner Construction, Inc. was once again selected for inclusion in the list of construction companies ranked in the 2011 Top 400 U.S. Contractors by Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine. The Mobile, AL-based general contracting, design build and construction management firm was ranked 351 on the top contractor’s list for 2011 according to the magazine. ENR’s 2011 Top 400 Contractor list ranks the 400 largest General Contractors by 2010 revenue. ENR stated that this year’s list is a good illustration of how tough the recession has been. Overall revenue of the top 400 fell to $259.41 billion in 2010, down 10.8 percent from $290.91 billion in 2009. Revenue inside the U.S. fell 11.5 percent to $208.16 billion, while international revenue fell 7.8 percent to $51.24 billion. “All construction companies have felt the effect of a tough economy,” said WSC CEO, John White-Spunner. “We have responded to these challenges by working harder than ever to grow and prosper and to expand our client base. This ranking once again proves our company’s continued economic viability despite a tough economy. Every construction project awarded to us in an honor and for each we remain grateful. However, we also remain very aware that successful sustained growth for our company and those we serve requires continuous work opportunities locally, regionally and nationally. Opportunities to provide new and repeat customers with competitive bids or negotiated contract services on any construction project – large or small – are appreciated.”