Gift of $6,000 to help MedReach, Inc. construct a medical storage and staging building in Tanzania Mobile, Alabama (June 8, 2010) Every two-week mission trip to East Africa, the missionaries of the Mobile-based MedReach deliver desperately needed medical care and medicine as well as hope in Jesus to about 7,000 people in remote villages. While doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other volunteers with the Christian nonprofit treat the sick, they work hand-in-hand with another Mobile-based Christian mission, Delivering Africa, to heal souls. ¡§Our missionaries push out one hour past the hardtop and three hours from the nearest hotel into areas where people have limited access to the gospel and medical care,¡¨ said Steve Hudson, who co-directs MedReach with his wife, SL. and who serves as director of medical clinics for Delivering Africa, formerly known as Here¡¦s Life Mission Africa. ¡§Working with Delivering Africa, we spread the gospel of Jesus through film presentations, children¡¦s ministries and pastors¡¦ conferences,¡¨ he said. ¡§Usually, it is the first time these bush people have seen a doctor or heard about Jesus.¡¨ Recently, White-Spunner Construction Inc. answered a call to action to help MedReach continue as well as expand this important ministry. The Mobile-based construction company generously donated $6,000 toward the cost of constructing a $12,000 medical storage and staging building for MedReach in Arusha, Tanzania. ¡§This donation demonstrates to me the generosity of White-Spunner Construction and it demonstrates to me what is really in the heart of the company,¡¨ Hudson said. ¡§Construction is not the only thing that is important to them, but helping people all the way around the world is a priority. The company feels this is something God has called them to do.¡¨ The 1000-square foot building, which will be located on the walled grounds of Delivering Africa, will provide a permanent location to store and organize several years worth of accumulated medical supplies and camping gear. Eventually, it will also house mosquito netting and drinking water purification equipment. ¡§As the Lord provides, like he is doing to establish this medical storage and staging building, we hope to meet more health needs by installing water purification systems at each village school where we conduct clinics, and by distributing DEET-treated mosquito nets,¡¨ Hudson said. ¡§Water-borne diseases and malaria are major killers in sub-Saharan Africa. We will use this new headquarters/storage building to store these supplies, too.¡¨ For the last seven years, MedReach has been borrowing space from Delivering Africa, stacking supplies floor-to-ceiling alongside Delivering Africa¡¦s supplies, damaging each organization¡¦s materials and frustrating those who have to access them and do inventory, Hudson said. ¡§Delivering Africa has been very gracious, but our supplies are very crowded where they are now, and it is a terrible situation trying to find things,¡¨ Hudson said. More importantly, an adequate medical staging and storage building is a necessary next step toward growing MedReach¡¦s mission in Tanzania and expanding the ministry into other African countries already served by Delivering Africa, Hudson said. MedReach plans to expand its short-term medical missions to Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Eastern Congo, Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan. ¡§We are going to call it our headquarters for branching out into other countries,¡¨ Hudson said. MedReach¡¦s next mission trip out of Mobile to Tanzania is June 13 - 28. Another mission trip is set for June 25 ¡V July 10, leaving from north Alabama. The new storage building will be constructed on a separate mission trip from July 14 ¡V 29. ¡§We are using volunteers as well as Africans to lay the foundation and lay blocks for the building,¡¨ Hudson said. In conjunction with White-Spunner Construction, several other area businesses have donated to the cost of the structure. Included is another local construction company and Hudson¡¦s former employer, Roberts & Willard, Inc. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other non-medical volunteers are always needed to volunteer for mission trips. Only one third of the volunteers are medical personnel. Monetary donations also are needed to help fund future mission trips, Hudson said. ¡§I would like to challenge other businesses to join us in relieving the pains of poverty and sharing the great freedom we have found in Christ with the African people,¡¨ Hudson said. ¡§White-Spunner Construction is leading the charge to further this mission. They have a heart for the African people.¡¨ White-Spunner Construction contributes annually to a variety of worthy charities, including many local Mobile-based organizations. About MedReach: „X Formed by Steve and SL Hudson of Mobile in 2001. They were part-time missionaries for many years, making their first trip to Africa in 2002. They now serve MedReach fulltime, making several Christian medical missionary trips to Tanzania each year. Working in conjunction with Delivering Africa, which supports 56 two-man Jesus Film teams in seven East African countries, they deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ. „X Provides medical care and 66 kinds of medicine to as many as 7,000 people in two remote East African villages during each two-week mission trip. „X Heads up conferences and provides Bibles and resources for hundreds of African pastors. Offers Children¡¦s ministries in conjunction with health care clinics. Provides church service and invites villagers to publicly profess their newfound faith in Jesus. „X Volunteers are needed for the 15-day hotel-based building mission in July, which includes two days accompanying Jesus Film teams to village film showings and concludes with a safari. The cost of the trip is $3,300 per person. For more information, contact MedReach, Inc. at 251-666-2539 or email Picture Cutline: White-Spunner Construction Inc. recently answered a call to action to help the Mobile-based MedReach continue as well as expand its important ministry. The Mobile-based construction company generously donated $6,000 toward the cost of constructing a $12,000 medical storage and staging building for the Christian nonprofit organization in Arusha, Tanzania. Here, Jeff Carrico of White-Spunner presents the donation to MedReach co-directors Steve Hudson and his wife, SL.