Auburn University “Village” Massive Move Into New Dorms [Mobile, AL] – White-Spunner Construction, Inc. announces the 1700-bed student housing project was successfully completed on schedule and students are moving in. The suite-style residences include a common living room, kitchenette, four bedrooms, and two baths. A large bay of windows in the main living area offers students an abundance of natural light and views to exterior green space. Individual bedrooms afford each student a private sleeping area, closet and study area. The residence halls also include group meeting and study rooms on each floor and offer students state of the art communication and data services. Project Facts: - The site was 15 acres, buildings totaled 750,000 square feet - 10,000 individual rooms throughout the project, including 485 suites most with 4 bedrooms each - Project includes housing and meeting for 18 Sorority Chapters - The project used over 2 million bricks, which if placed end-to-end would span 252 miles. - Over 6 million feet, or over 1100 miles of wire was used for various systems: electrical, fire alarm, security, television, and telephone. - The project required 220 tractor trailers to bring the lumber needed for the project. - There have been approximately 500-900 workers on site on any given day, sometimes 24 hours a day, since construction began March 31, 2008. White-Spunner Construction is involved in several major building projects in our region including: - University of South Alabama – Allied Health and Nursing Classroom (just completed) - University of South Alabama – Student Recreation Center - Public Health Laboratory – Jackson, MS - Rooms to Go Distribution Center – Pearl River, LA - Alabama Criminal Justice Center – Selma, AL - Municipal Court House – Gulfport, MS # # #