The following article was published in the current issue of Alabama Construction News Magazine: 

White-Spunner Construction: 2014 General Contractor of the Year 
In its 30-plus years, much has changed at White-Spunner Construction. Based in Mobile, Alabama, the company has grown from a small company concentrating on local projects along the Gulf Coast to one of the largest privately held contracting firms in the Southeast managing major projects across the country. But as much as things have changed since the company was founded in 1981, the more they’ve really stayed the same. The company remains rooted in the same values as when it first began: to always meet the clients’ needs no matter what. “We do what it takes to be part of the solution,” said John White-Spunner, the company’s CEO and chairman of the board. “Safety is always first of course, but we also really focus on being on time and on budget, which are important for a client. That focus is just part of our culture.” 

That focus on quality, timing and budget is what has led White-Spunner to receive recurring business from many of its customers. In fact, the company is still working with numerous clients it had when it first began. “We’ve always focused on creating long term relationships with clients and trades and vendors and then building on them,” White-Spunner said. “Because of that we’ve traveled across the country with many of the those same clients over the years.” 

White-Spunner always hoped to start his own business, but he never dreamed he would start White-Spunner Construction quite as early on as he did. He was given the opportunity to run his own construction company when he was in his mid-20s when the owners of the company he worked for, Toinsmeire Construction, decided to quit the business. “I didn’t have a ‘Plan B’ when they decided to pursue other interests,” he explained. “The only thing I knew was construction. So fortunately, even though I was young and just kind of fell into it, I had a great team of people around me and a strong work ethic thanks to the influence of my father, Blacksher.” 

From those early days, White-Spunner has gone on to complete jobs for major corporations like Coca-Cola, Lowes and Home Depot, as well as various healthcare, commercial and retail projects. One aspect that has made the company unique is that it has actually partnered with many of its clients to invest in properties. “I think we’re involved with over 200 different people in partnerships,” White-Spunner said. “To me, that brings a different perspective to the way you look at a project because as part owner we look beyond completion to the long term benefits of the project, the operational costs and the life cycle of things like exterior finishes and even the parking lot.” 

While partnering with clients on various jobs may make the company unique, it really just speaks to what White-Spunner is all about: building relationships. “Everything is really about people,” White-Spunner said. “It’s not about the project. It’s about the relationships you build because in the end, that’s what matters.” 

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