With technology continuously changing, it seems like our world gets smaller and smaller, even as we grow in it. Technology brings all types of information to our finger-tips daily. You can instantly "search" and "research" for just about anything. In our construction industry, this parallel is also true. There are so many paths a building project can potentially take. When an unexpected condition or obstacle arises, it is very important to quickly determine the best approach to take for resolution. What does the term "Risk Management" mean to you? Does it mean "quickest evacuation route" or "just put the fire out"? The best decisions tend to be made with a long-term goal in mind, even at the cost of sacrificing possible short-term gains. Thinking of each project as a long-term race, instead of a short-term gain, will help you make smarter decisions. At White-Spunner Construction, the work we do for our customers and clients has a specific goal: to achieve the highest level of excellence. Our commitment to safety, quality and integrity in every aspect of our company enables us to consistently do that, often exceeding client expectations and yielding long-term relationships. Allan Gustin, Vice President, Pre-Construction & Estimating