Careers at White-Spunner

Our Mission:

White-Spunner Construction is committed to safety, quality and integrity in every aspect of our company. These characteristics along with teamwork enable us to achieve the highest level of excellence in our commitment to service allowing our customers to place their trust in the company.

We cannot obtain this without great people. Our strength is our employees and we are always looking for individuals who also strive to provide the same level of safety, quality and integrity in the workplace. White-Spunner Construction is also committed to giving our employees a great place to work where they are proud of their employer.

We look to fill every position with the best qualified person. Our company is an equal opportunity employer. Our policy is to provide all people, regardless of age, sex, race, disability or national origin, the opportunity with our company.

With our home office in Mobile, Alabama we recruit from all over the southeast looking for the right fit for every position.

If you are interested in employment with White-Spunner Construction please send your resume to: .