July 9th,2013
Phase II Public Health Lab Scheduled For Completion

The Phase II BSL3 Lab work at the Mississippi Public Health Lab is scheduled for completion this month. This complex project included modifications to the existing HVAC systems, filtration and operation control systems, life safety electrical power, and the forensic testing of BSL3 room integrity which resulted in additional room pressure sealing upgrades. We also constructed this 81,000 sf four story facility which includes laboratory facilities that will study and hopefully help find cures for various diseases. The entire facility including mechanical and electrical systems are uniquely designed and built to meet the demanding needs for these specialized labs.

This project is an example of how White-Spunner Construction’s commitment to implement safety, quality, and integrity in every project created a “Win-Win”. The Owner chose to engage our company again to work closely with them and the new design team. This Phase II was implemented to create specific solutions that will allow for confident operations within the BSL3 labs and support service areas.

A special “kudos” to the White-Spunner construction team that was assembled to complete these modifications. Our Phase II team also included a group of very talented engineers, subcontractors and vendors that worked closely with us to provide another excellent outcome for a site specific project and satisfaction to the Owner.

April 26th,2013
Achieving Excellence in Changing Times

With technology continuously changing, it seems like our world gets smaller and smaller, even as we grow in it. Technology brings all types of information to our finger-tips daily. You can instantly "search" and "research" for just about anything. In our construction industry, this parallel is also true. There are so many paths a building project can potentially take. When an unexpected condition or obstacle arises, it is very important to quickly determine the best approach to take for resolution. What does the term "Risk Management" mean to you? Does it mean "quickest evacuation route" or "just put the fire out"? The best decisions tend to be made with a long-term goal in mind, even at the cost of sacrificing possible short-term gains. Thinking of each project as a long-term race, instead of a short-term gain, will help you make smarter decisions. At White-Spunner Construction, the work we do for our customers and clients has a specific goal: to achieve the highest level of excellence. Our commitment to safety, quality and integrity in every aspect of our company enables us to consistently do that, often exceeding client expectations and yielding long-term relationships. Allan Gustin, Vice President, Pre-Construction & Estimating  

April 9th,2013
A Great Day for the Alabama Gulf Coast!

Yesterday, Airbus broke ground on its first U.S. airplane assembly plant at Brookley Aeroplex here in Mobile. Along with company executives, state leaders, local officials, and other Alabama residents, I was privileged to attend the ceremony. The $600 million factory is expected to employ 1,000 people once production of the Airbus A320 jet begins around 2015.

On behalf of everyone at White-Spunner Construction, welcome to the Port City, Airbus!

-  John White-Spunner, CEO/President

February 20th,2013
Safety, in the construction world

In the construction world, safety is a big deal. While we have many types of equipment to minimize hazards, technology to reduce the chance of injury, and some of the best trainers in the world just a phone call away, statistics continue to show that construction has the highest rate of injuries requiring days away from work than any private industry sector. Those who work at elevated heights are the most at risk of suffering an injury:
  • A worker fatality occurs every 134 minutes.
  • Roofers had the highest rate of fatalities within the construction market and iron workers were second
These injuries most often occur because of human error. Workers tend to skimp on safety procedures because of schedule, time, money, or pressure from the bosses. Every time you walk onto a jobsite:
  • think about how important it is to wear the correct safety equipment,
  • pay attention to your surroundings and
  • stay focused, so you won't get hurt and cost your company money or slow down the job.
But more importantly, remember that your loved ones are expecting you home every night. You cannot enjoy your family or provide for them if you are injured, disabled or bedridden. Don't be a statistic…follow safety standards and live a long and prosperous life.

January 25th,2013
New Year, New Opportunities

We're excited about the new year and the opportunities in front of us. There are several notable trends in the industry worth sharing. First, private money seems to be loosening up, representing real potential for everyone in real estate. Secondly, the retail market is picking up nationwide. The projects are there, ready to be won through consistent networking with retailers and developers. Our management team has been hitting the road recently for prospecting, and we're seeing the fruits of that labor: we signed a new retail project (site work and building development) with longstanding client Academy Sports (www.white-spunner.com; project page) in Kansas City. We were also awarded the contract to build-out a 32,000-square-foot space for Nordstrom Rack's new store at River Ridge in Birmingham. Closer to home, the good news continues. We received a "2012 BuildSouth Award" from the Alabama AGC for our work on Faulkner State Community College's Memorial Hall, completed this past August in Bay Minette, AL (visit www.white-spunner.com; awards & recognitions page). The WSC team recently broke ground on Community Bank's newest branch, a 13,000-square-foot, 2-story facility right here in Mobile, AL. This is a new customer for us, and we're honored to build the relationship. To accommodate our growing workload, we've also hired several new employees. No one would say the industry downturn is over. But by building relationships and actively seeking opportunities, we're encouraged by 2013. We hope you are, too. Visit us at www.white-spunner.com to learn more about what is happening at White-Spunner Construction.

December 6th,2012
Pearl Harbor Day marks the date for the State Veterans Cemetery Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs Dedication of the new Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Spanish Fort

"It is a blessing and an honor to be the builder of the new VA cemetery, a facility that both represents and pays tribute to those who have served our country. A great group of veterans and those who made the project possible celebrated the beginning of the project with a ground breaking event just ten months ago. It will be humbling to now be part of the dedication as the veterans are once again recognized on Pearl Harbor Day. The design and facilities are first class and the site location is amazing because of its spectacular view," says John White-Spunner, CEO/Chairman of the Board of White-Spunner Construction, Inc. I quote Retired Navy Rear Adm. W. Clyde Marsh, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs, “Dedicating the cemetery on Pearl Harbor Day will serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by Americans while defending our nation's freedom."
The dedication of the state’s first owned and operated veterans cemetery, the Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Spanish Fort, takes place on Friday, December 7, 2012.  State and local dignitaries will be on hand for the dedication that will begin at 10 a.m. The public is also invited to attend.